MEMBERS of the Bangladeshi Community of Swindon welcomed guests from all over the country to a special board game competition.

Carrom is a unique indoor board game combining physical and mental elements, similar to pool, played in teams of two or individually.

About 52 people came from around the country, including London, Birmingham, Northampton, Coventry, Cardiff and Newbury.

There were 26 teams in the doubles competition which took all night to complete at Buckhurst Community Centre in Walcot on Monday, with the winners walking away with cash prizes.

First prize in the doubles was £500, which went to a team from London, and another London team also winning second prize which was £300.

Third prize in the doubles was £150, which went to a team in Birmingham, and the fourth prize went to a team in Northampton and was £100.

In the singles competition the first prize of £70 went to someone from London and the second prize of £40 went to someone from Northampton.

Unfortunately, the Swindon teams did not make it beyond the quarter finals.

Coun Abdul Amin (Lab, Walcot and Park North) opened the competition and was delighted with the turn out.

He said: “It went really well – fantastically well.

“It was the first time Swindon has hosted the competition and everyone was very appreciative of it.

“Everyone was well fed and watered, and even through not everybody could win there were no arguments and everybody enjoyed it.”

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