It is business as usual after the blaze at the Wiltshire Waste Recycling depot at the foot of Monument Hill, near Devizes.

Adam Grist, director of the Grist Group, said: “Everything is running as normal now.

"The fire is in a controlled area on-site, so it’s business as usual for us, but it could be a day or two before it’s all completely out.”

Mr Grist was at the site on Tuesday evening and saw the drama unfold.

“Someone pointed out it was smouldering and the fire brigade were called. They arrived before it went up in flames.

“They responded extremely quickly, and there were lots of them present throughout the night.

"It wasn’t a pleasant experience, but the main thing is all the staff and everyone present on-site got away safely, so we just had to follow instructions and watch the fire brigade do their job.

“There is still a team here maintaining the situation.

“They are currently moving all of the burning materials away from the smouldering material.

“A team from the fire brigade is here to oversee the operation, and I am not sure what will happen next. They were all here through the night.”

Mr Grist said most staff had just finished work when the fire began and there were only about half a dozen people on-site when the fire and rescue service was called.

He said: “It could have been much worse. We have got a fire emergency procedure which was followed, and when the fire brigade arrived we worked with them to put a break in the fire.

“I wasn’t present during the night but we had a team on-site all through the evening. We are thankful to them staying on and working so hard.

“We are extremely grateful for their speedy response and the hard work that they put in throughout the night, and are continuing to do so.”