A quick-thinking lorry driver saved a major road closure early today, driving his Daf 105 into the layby on the A361 near Seend fork where the vehicle burst into flames.

Traffic was delayed from Devizes and Melksham as the road was reduced to one lane as Devizes fire crews fought the blaze.

Driver Daniel Habgood said:” Smoke was pouring out of the front of the lorry and into the cab and I pulled over into the layby where it burst into flames.”

The driver had only travelled a few miles from the Devizes depot and was not carrying any load.

Police on the scene reduced the road to one lane to cope with the rush hour traffic with motorists from Devizes, Melksham and Seend each taking it in turn.

The lorry was removed by a low loader from Mortimers and the situation is now normal on the A361 and A365 Bath Road.