RESIDENTS in North Swindon are frustrated with receiving mixed messages from Thames Water about how they can claim their rebate.

The company automatically collects a charge for taking water running off the buildings straight into the sewers, but building regulations that came into force in 2001 mean that many of the properties built in the Priory Vale area were built to standards which prevent rain water from going straight into the sewers.

Many residents have received different accounts on how to claim their rebate, which may also mean they are entitled to a discount of up to 10 per cent on their future bills.

Steve Hall, 39, of Eastbury Way, said: “No one really knows what Thames Water is doing. Some are being credited on their account, and then others wanted the money to be transferred into their bank account and when they rang Thames Water they said they would.

“But then another person rang and they said it wasn’t possible for it to be transferred directly into their bank account.”

A spokesman from Thames Water said: "Rebates are granted on a case-by-case basis once we have looked into the details, and confirmed that no surface water drains from a property to our sewer.

“The rebate will be back-dated for the whole period of occupation up to a maximum of six years, and normally we would just credit the account so the money would be deducted from future charges.”