Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) will receive more funding in the next two years, but will have to reduce its running costs.

For 2014/15 the CCG will get a 2.14 per cent hike in funding from NHS England, £512 million, and 1.70 per cent the following year, almost £521m.

Simon Truelove, chief financial officer at the CCG, said at a governing body meeting in Devizes on Tuesday that CCGs will receive no adjustment to running costs allocations. For Wiltshire this will remain £11.7m, equivalent to £24.78 per head of population.

He said: “From 2015/16 it is assumed that CCGs will see a ten per cent reduction to the cash value of running cost allocations. For Wiltshire CCG this is a £1.17m reduction.”

He said the CCG was on track to deliver a surplus of £5m this financial year.

The CCG, which was established last April and replaced NHS Wiltshire, has 111 staff and is nearing full establishment. Seventy five of the employees are full-time and 36 are part-time.