WHEN people see professional athletes competing, training and excelling they typically only see the athlete and not the extensive team upon whom the athlete depends.

Regardless of the sport, there are few, if any, professional sportsmen and women who could honestly say they could do what they do alone.

Over the past five years of racing professionally I am proud to have established a team around me who all play a hugely significant role in enabling me to get the most from myself, be it in training, racing or outside of triathlon.

My triathlon coach, Matt Dixon, and my swim coach, Gerry Rodrigues, are the two most obvious sources of guidance, advice and inspiration, but so too are the many family and friends who have supported me and my triathlon career from day one.

Despite me now being in the US, I know there are many people in Swindon and beyond who still follow my racing and results and often get in touch to offer me good luck before a race or congratulations afterwards. This is always special and hugely appreciated.

There are plenty of other sports professionals I turn to as well, including my sports doctor, strength and conditioning coach, sports psychologist, nutritionist, masseuse and chiropractor.

Their support is extensive and their wealth of knowledge in their respective fields serves to enhance everything I am working towards in the short and long term. Together we are greater than the sum of our parts.

Just as important are all of my sponsors, Morris Owen and Virtua, which has enabled me to step up from being an aspiring professional athlete to a world class one.

Their loyalty, generosity and interest in my triathlon career continues to inspire me, drive me and help me in a myriad of ways.

I am only too proud to wear their logos on my race kit on podia around the world and give back to their workforce in as many ways I can.

For the past two years I’ve taken part in an informal after-dinner talk at The Royal Oak pub in Bishopstone, and I know this provided Morris Owen and Virtua and their clients with a great insight into my life as a professional athlete.

It’s inspiring to know I can inspire others and great that local businesses are supporting a Swindon girl with big ambitions.