Irresponsible parking by employees at Dyson was the main concern raised at a presentation given by the company about its expansion plans.

Robert Hill, a project manager for the firm, explained the plans to members of the town council planning committee and three members of the public who attended the meeting on Tuesday.

But the conversation quickly changed to the strain of employees parking on pathways and roadsides due to a lack of parking provision.

Mr Hill confirmed the company, which is planning a £250m expansion creating hundreds of new jobs over the next year, is looking into the complaints about inappropriate parking at Beuttell Way and the surrounding area.

Coun Martyn Snell said: “I understand the situation you are in but the poor unit of people in Beuttell Way are being driven mad because of irresponsible parking by your employees. Surely this can be eliminated in one way or another?”

Mr Hill said: “We are picking up on repeat offenders to try to tell them in the strongest way possible that other options are available.”

A member of the public, Debbie Caswell, said she has sent numerous emails regarding her concern and has been liaising with local police sergeant Martin Alvis.

She said: “I just feel it has been falling on deaf ears. It’s been happening for months and I just feel I am being ignored.

“My concern is for public safety.

“I feel very positive about James Dyson and wish him every success in Malmesbury, I really do.

“I just feel there are a few employees appear to be ignoring the issues.”

Speaking about the strain felt by local people, Coun Steve Cox said: “As a firm that is used to innovation I think it will be good to try to reduce some of that pressure.”

Mr Hill said: “We know it’s an issue, and getting worse.

“We know we are behind the curve in creating innovative solutions to meet it. We are enlarging our temporary car park so those parking on Beuttell Way should be sorted out.

“We are sweeping around all the people with fairly firm emails to try to cajole people out of unsuitable parking.”

The firm has one parking space for every two employees but it was unable to confirm how many parking spaces the new expansion will cater for, as there are restrictions on the number of spaces permitted in a government bid to encourage more people to car share and cycle to work.

Speaking outside the meeting, Wiltshire councillor Simon Killane said: “People worry about the cars and parking and I would be very upset about inappropriate parking at Dyson too, but when I hear that they have put in a temporary car park and they have put in planning for the future expansion I think they are trying to do something about it.

“If there are highways issues then people need to come to the exhibition to talk about it.”

A public consultation event on the Dyson plans has been organised for today at the town hall from 3pm to 8pm.