The Castle & Ball hotel in Marlborough has reopened, days after being closed because of a virus among guests.

It shut on Tuesday afternoon and reopened on Friday, after a thorough clean.

A spokesperson for the Castle & Ball refused to say what the symptoms of the virus were.

He said: “The safety and wellbeing of our customers and staff is absolutely paramount and after some reports of illness in one party of guests who had recently arrived, we made the decision to temporarily close the hotel.

“We believe the illness to have been a virus which is common at this time of year and currently circulating in the general population.

“The team’s precautionary measures and swift approach to deal with the situation have been praised by environmental health officers and the hotel re-opened on Friday.

“Our team secured accommodation elsewhere for all guests staying or booked in to stay at the hotel.”

The spokesman refused to say if any staff were affected, or how many guests became ill.