Philippino Edith Loft and her husband Tom were joined by hundreds of revellers for a night of music and dance in Malmesbury to raise money in support of victims of the Philippines disaster.

About 300 people came together for the musical fundraiser at Malmesbury Town Hall on Saturday night raising £1,285 for family and friends of Mrs Loft who have lost their homes and livelihoods after the disaster.

“Saturday was a really massive success,” said Mr Loft, 56.

"We are really grateful to everyone who turned up to give their time and we really appreciate the effort from all of the bands.

“We just didn’t know how many would be there but we were just happy that we could do something to raise money.”

Numerous bands played throughout the evening as families sang and danced along to the free music event.

Mrs Loft, 46, of Bremilham Rise, has one sister, two brother and other relatives living in the Philippines when Typhoon Haiyan hit.

“My wife is a Philippino and we go out there every year so the area is very close to our hearts,” Mr Loft said.

“Her family luckily survived most of it but she has relatives and friends who were affected and some of the islands we visit have been completely wiped out.

“Her family’s area wasn’t quite as disastrous as where the main storm had hit but they had lots of flooding and rain.

“We had many friends and cousins who we had visited who were affected quite badly and they are obviously still struggling.

“We know the real situation ourselves and it’s pretty dire over there.

“It’s just now about the local people over there coming together, and that’s the only way they are going to survive it.”

The money raised, of which there is more coming in from The Church of the Latter Day Saints where Mrs Loft is a member and from Lee Newman’s collection at the Borough Arms, will go towards building new houses and providing cataract treatments for the many sufferers in the region.