PUPILS enjoyed tucking into samosas, sushi and bockwurst sausage in an international food fair.

On an even more exotic menu for the more courageous were water beetles and grubs straight out of ITV’s I’m a Celebrity’s bushtucker trials.

Youngsters at Redland Primary School in Chippenham sampled delights from every continent in an end to a week of learning about different terrains, climates and cultures.

The idea was to extend both the children’s palates and their curiosity for other countries.

Headteacher Hilary Lambert said: “They’ve been brave and ambitious. They loved the bushtucker’s trial.

“They liked the American popcorn and the Chinese crackers, of course, but they tried everything. We even had haggis sausage rolls.

“A lot of them don’t taste out-of-the-ordinary foods usually, so it’s been a massive learning curve.

“They might not get to visit these places, but this week is opening their minds.”

Pupils have been visited by families from Australia and made the dreamcatchers and totem poles of indigenous North Americans.

African drumming workshops were followed by having a go at making bongos out of bowls, clingfilm and fabric.

The speciality week was funded out of an annual grant from the Chippenham Borough Lands charity and all the food was prepared by pupils’ parents.

Last year, the school, in Brook Street, celebrated its 40th anniversary by learning about the culture of the 1970s, when it was founded.