Holt author Andrew Christie has released his second novel of a crime trilogy.

Retribution Day, published by Austin Macauley, is set in America and follows Brit Michael Angelus’ fight against terrorists.

It is a sequel to Nemesis which was released in 2012. The third book is expected to be published at the end of this year.

When Mr Christie, 65, retired from his job 15 years ago as a senior manager for Bristol company SSL, which ran Post Office administration, he became an artist.

Later he started writing and released his first book, Chasing the Wind, six years ago.

The author, who lives with his wife Deborah in The Spa, said: “There was a two or three year period where I read some novels and just felt they were rubbish. So, I thought I would give writing a try myself.

“I got the bug and I just haven’t stopped. The first one from the trilogy got good reviews, so I’m optimistic for Retribution Day.”

He has a grown-up daughter, Samantha, and says family and friends have backed his writing.

He said: “My daughter doesn’t read too many novels, but she was absolutely engrossed when she started reading Nemesis.

“Despite Retribution Day being part of a trilogy it is a standalone novel and you don’t have to have read Nemesis to enjoy it.”

He is currently writing Any Mother’s Daughter, set in Bristol.

To buy Retribution Day go to www.amazon.co.uk.