The decision to keep the allowance rise has been criticised by campaigners who protested outside the meeting on Tuesday and who labelled it “a sad day”.

Approximately 30 people gathered on the steps of County Hall before the meeting, including representatives of UNISON, the GMB and the Labour Party.

They were joined by Paul Gaunt, the Broughton Gifford businessman whose petition calling for the resignation of the cabinet was presented to the council with 2,673 signatures.

Speaking after the meeting he said: “This was a sad day, which demonstrates that the council is out of touch with the general public.

“This will continue to be an issue right the way through to the next election.

“People do remember when it comes to voting, and certainly I will remember.”

Some Wiltshire Council employees also joined the protest.

One said: “I appreciate that Jane Scott has rejected her pay rise but as a council employee I have had a barely-recognisable increase in the six years I have worked for them.

“I see my service being cut back all the time.

“We are trying to provide a good service with fewer staff, and there is incredibly low staff morale as well.

“I think there will be further protests.”