SOME 3,000 patients in Old Town will be competing for places at a handful of GP practices following the announcement of Marlborough Road Surgery‘s impending closure today.

Residents were informed the practice would shut for good on March 31 in a letter sent by their GP Dr Robert Rohlfing.

The decision to close the practice and turn away thousands of patients was heavily criticised by Labour parliamentary candidate Anne Snelgrove who feared the move would place the health of patients at risk.

In an apologetic letter sent to patients Dr Rohlfing explained he had explored every avenue possible to keep the practice open to no avail. Yet he did not go into the reasons which prompted the closure.

“ I have explored all options for the future and decided that running the practice at 143 Marlborough Road is no longer viable,” he said.

“I have not taken the decision to close the practice lightly and I would like to thanks you, my patients, for the loyalty you have shown to me and my team, and the good relationships we have built with you over the years.

“I am working with NHS England’s Bath, Gloucestershire, Swindon and Wiltshire area team to help support all of our patients during this period of change."