Westbury mum Claire Hudd was held at knifepoint by masked men during a burglary at her home in Leigh Park Way, Westbury.

Miss Hudd, who has two boys Brandon, eight, and Troy, one, was upstairs with her youngest son last Thursday night, watching TV while he slept, when the men opened the unlocked back door at about 9.30pm.

The 25-year-old said they heard her dog start to jump up and down and when her boyfriend, who was also in the house along with her sister, went to see what was going on he was confronted by the two men.

The men threatened the three adults in Miss Hudd’s bedroom, where Troy was fast asleep, ordering them to tell them ‘where the money was’.

Miss Hudd, who has lived in the road for 18 months, said: “I usually keep the back door locked, but when my boyfriend is here he tends to let the dog out around that time before locking up.

“We were shaking when they came upstairs and one of them put his finger over his mouth to tell us to keep quiet. They held us at knifepoint on the bed and then kept asking where the money was. We told them that there was about £240 in one of the drawers and when they took that they asked for more. When we said we didn’t have anything else they demanded we hand over our phones.

“They took my phone as it was lying on the bed, but I told them they were not taking my phone as it has all my pictures of my kids on it. I started to scream at them to give it back and when they left they threw it back at me.”

Miss Hudd’s ordeal lasted for around 10 minutes, before the men fled out of the front door towards the Tesco Express store, getting in a red Vauxhall Corsa.

Her boyfriend followed the car on his motorbike as they drove back past the house before turning right at the roundabout onto Camargue Road, then heading along the A3098 towards Chapmanslade.

Miss Hudd, who said Brandon was at a friend’s house at the time, added: “It was absolutely terrifying, we didn’t know what they were capable of.

“I wasn’t worried about the money. I was just concerned about Troy’s life and our lives being in danger. I’m still really shaken up about it and while I hate being in the house, I refuse to let them win.”

The men are both white, believed to be in their late 20s, and were wearing balaclavas or face coverings. One wore a beige, thigh-length jacket and the other a black jacket. Police have increased patrols in the area and are asking anyone with information to call DC Tom Fenwick at Melksham CID on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.