Malmesbury's football club is struggling to stay afloat after another bout of flooding at the weekend, at a time when officials are counting the pennies week-by-week to stop the club going under.

The heavy rains and stormy conditions of last weekend brought about another bout of flooding on the pitch of Malmesbury Vics Football Club.

It resulted in another home match being cancelled and with the current soggy conditions it could be another month before the grounds are playable.

“We can’t see anything being played on the pitch for the next month as there is still water coming up from under the pitch,” said club secretary Julie Exton.

“My son is having to watch the river levels all the time at the moment; when it starts rising he knows he has to get up to the club to start pumping water away.

“It’s really, really bad at the moment.

“There’s hardly any money; it’s a case now of ‘can we buy some beer in or can’t we?’

“It’s just a case of trying to keep going week-by-week and working with what we have got.”

Club officials have been called up to the pitch numerous times to pump water away since both the clubhouse and pitch went under water on Christmas Eve, just 13 months after the town was hit with severe flooding.

“It does start to get to you,” Mrs Exton said.

“I don’t know what else we can do.”

Despite her son, Chris’s, best attempts to build a barrier to prevent run-off water entering the pitch, drain pipes under the grounds were spewing water up through the pitch itself.

Various fundraising events have been organised to help with the day-to-day costs of the club, but also to help fund projects to enhance the underground drainage pipes, and for steel barriers to protect the pitch.

On Saturday there is a Valentine's disco and karaoke at the club from 7pm to midnight. It is free for families to attend.

In July, VicFest returns and the club is appealing for bands and volunteers to get in touch to turn the two-day event in to a music and family festival.

The club is also applying for a loan from the Football Association to help keep the club going.

People can donate through the club’s Local Giving site at