Enthusiastic authors, each with their own special stories to share, have grouped together to run an exhibition of artwork from their fiction books aimed at children and teens in Malmesbury.

Quadriplegic David Inker, 46, from Sutton Benger, and James Tottle, 43, who had a heart bypass in 1997, have co-written the Space Cadet 56 series and have set up numerous cartoon pictures taken from their books as part of the display at Malmesbury Town Hall this week until February 28.

Their work is joined by that of Malmesbury author Julian Kay, 47, who is showing off excerpts from his children’s book series Indigo Wood, telling the stories of Tommy, Teddy and Parakeet.

Both Mr Tottle, of Bath, and Mr Kay, are involved in the band, Gifted Organs, a transplant pop group, where all by Mr Kay have had transplants. They are currently recording songs for charity in a studio in Box.

“I booked the exhibition space two years ago,” said Mr Tottle, of Bath.

“I think it is a brilliant opportunity to show this work off.

“It’s good to do it with Julian too as he lives in the area.”

Space Cadet 56 is a teen science fiction book that tells the story of a Bob Bowman, aka patient 56, who starts of life in the book as a mental patient who is rescued by a Christian nurse called Hope, who helps him to recover as he tells his stories of being an astronaut.

The artwork has previously been exhibited in hospital in the UK, including Bath’s Royal United Hospital, Belfast City Hospital and Manchester Children’s Hospital.

Artwork and copies of the books are available to buy at the exhibition.