Diabetic youngster Robert Herrett has been chosen to speak about life with the condition at the House of Commons this spring.

Ten-year-old Robert was chosen by type one diabetes charity JDRF to attend Type 1 Parliament on March 11.

The Woodborough School pupil will be one of 60 diabetic people, ten of whom are children, who have been selected from across the country to represent their constituencies.

They will talk to MPs about what it is like to live with type one diabetes and Robert is also meeting Devizes MP Claire Perry in a few weeks to brief her on the issue.

He said: “I can’t wait to go to the Houses of Parliament, meet my MP, and tell them they need to be doing more to find a solution to stop type one diabetes.”

Robert was first diagnosed with the chronic condition when he was three years old after he became ill at an air show.

He said: “My mum and dad remember the day it all happened really clearly. I’m lucky in that I have an awesome care team at Salisbury Hospital.

“It doesn’t stop me doing anything. I play football, cricket, swimming, netball, hockey and I’m even a full blue belt at Tae Kwon Do, I just have to plan my blood levels and food intakes.”

The event aims to raise awareness of type one diabetes, push it up the political agenda and ask the government to prioritise investment in type one diabetes medical research.

Robert’s dad, Ian, said: “It was very exciting to hear that Robert has been chosen to represent all those in our area living with the condition at Type 1 Parliament.

“Going to the House of Commons and talking to MPs will be a wonderful experience. It’s hoped that David Cameron will be there and he is very, very excited about meeting him.

“He has two major passions in life – sport and educating people about type one diabetes, because a lot of people misunderstand it.”