Work has started on replicating Marlborough’s mayoral chains, which were stolen from the Town Hall in October.

The town’s insignia has been worn by its first citizen since 1911 and is being replicated by Royal Warrant holder Thomas Fattorini Limited, in Birmingham. The firm has made regalia for councils, associations, and universities nationally and internationally for more than 100 years and in 1935 designed the Marlborough mayoress’s badge.

Last Tuesday, Mayor Guy Loosmore and deputy Marian Hannaford-Dobson visited Fattorini’s Regent Street works, to see how the chain will be crafted.

Coun Loosmore said: “This is the first chapter in the story of the how Marlborough is determined put back in place its stolen heritage.

“I have every confidence that Fattorini will create an exceptional and exquisite replacement for the original chain and one which Thomas Free himself would have been proud of.”

The councillors were given a tour of the workshops by the sales manager, Michael Moore, who gave them an insight into how the chain will be made.

Graphic designers have studied pictures of the original chain and will use the latest technology to recreate it, incorporating the enamelled work and precious stones.

The insurance company agreed to pay out £96,500 after the chain was taken and councillors decided to go for a like-for-like design when replacing it.

It is hoped that the new chain will be ready for the mayor-making ceremony in May, when new mayor Coun Hannaford-Dobson will wear it for the first time.