Mum Elaine Barron, whose son died of a drugs overdose, has spoken of her anger after the man who admitted giving him the MDMA that proved to be fatal walked free from court.

Robbie Day, 35, of The Firs, collapsed in the street outside Superdrug in Chippenham after taking ecstasy with Tristan Wilcox on Saturday, June 1 last year.

He was taken to Great Western Hospital in Swindon where he died a day later of multiple organ failure, brought on by the 2.6mg of the drug found in his system.

In a statement read out at Mr Day’s inquest in Salisbury on Tuesday, Tristan Wilcox said: “It was me who got the drugs for Robbie, and I blame myself for his death. I got him the drugs but he took them of his own free will.”

Assistant coroner Ian Singleton heard it was not until a second statement given to police by Mr Wilcox five months later that he admitted they had both taken MDMA that night. He ruled a verdict of accidental death after hearing that Mr Day, who had suffered mental health problems since childhood, was a regular drinker and often used cannabis and other drugs.

Mr Singleton said: “Robbie had taken ecstasy earlier in the evening, as well as other drugs and alcohol. On the basis of that evidence I believe Robbie’s death was an accident. He voluntarily ingested such a quantity of MDMA he subsequently collapsed in the street and died of an MDMA overdose.”

But Mr Day’s mum Elaine Barron said: “I blame Tristan Wilcox. Rob was vulnerable and very easily led. I didn’t want him to have anything to do with him, I thought ‘he’s going to get Rob into bad things’.

“His sister Natasha told him that night not to go to Tristan’s house, but he said ‘no it’s all right’. But it wasn’t all right.

“If he hadn’t given my son MDMA he would still be with us today. He’s taken something very precious to me and I’ll never get that back.”

The same day he died, police went to search Mr Wilcox’s home in River Parade, Chippenham, and found drugs worth almost £2,500 stashed in his microwave oven.

Wilcox, 35, pleaded guilty at Swindon Crown Court on Friday to two counts of possessing cannabis with intent to supply.

But, after hearing he was keen to beat his addiction, a judge did not jail him. He is to be supervised by the probation service for a year, with a drug rehabilitation requirement.

Mrs Barron, who lives in Pewsham, said that she, Mr Day’s sister Natasha Day and his girlfriend Ella James felt he should not have been allowed free.

She said: “I’m very angry that he’s not gone to prison. I don’t think he thought about the consequences of giving people drugs.”