AGGRESSIVE drunk Duncan Tanguay was arrested for causing trouble on a Swindon bus less than 18 hours after being handed an ASBO for public order offences.

On Friday the 39-year-old, of Five Stiles Road, Marlborough, was convicted of public order offences dating back to September last year.

They included: racially aggravated public order toward school children in Swindon; verbally abusing staff in Minstral and One Stop Shop, being drunk and disorderly in High Street; verbally abusing staff in Tesco; and using threatening violence in London Road.

Appearing before Swindon magistrates he was given a two-year ASBO which prevents him from entering a string of pubs and shops.

On Saturday Tanguay was thrown off a Swindon bus after acting inappropriately towards passengers. Magistrates fined him £100 for a public order offence.