A Bereaved man must pay the police £110 after throwing his own faeces around a police cell.

Rab Raymond Smith, 32, of Plough Lane in Kington Langley, was picked up by police on January 19, in the Plough Inn off the A350.

He was arrested for being drunk and disorderly in a public place.

Smith was hitting and kicking the cage of the police van on the way to Melksham custody unit, prosecutor Pauline Lam-bert told Chippenham Magistrates’ Court on Thursday last week.

Once placed in a cell, a detention officer saw him squatting on a mattress before picking up the excrement from his underpants and smearing it on to walls and the mattress, as well as clothing.

Smith had been living on a travelling site with his father and grandmother.

He was grief-stricken, defence solicitor Moses Tawo told the court, because both of those close family members had died in the space of just eight days, about a week before the incident.

He was not usually a drinker, but had consumed five pints, the court heard, leaving him with no recollection of the night’s events. He was thoroughly ashamed of his actions.

Smith pleaded guilty to both offences. He was given a conditional charge for being drunk and disorderly and for the criminal damage must pay £110, the value of a cell deep clean.