A HUGE hole near a cycle path in Sevenfields has still yet to be filled after Thames Water said they were prioritising those affected by the floods.

Ken Wordsall, 73, of Greenmeadow, raised the alarm last week fearing it could swallow a bike, a pet or even a child and Swindon Council and Thames Water have been notified.

Now Ken said due to the heavy rain the hole had widened to 6ft across – and is about 7ft deep – near the cycle path that runs near Dart Avenue into the Sevenfields Nature Reserve.

Barriers have been put up to warn people to stay away by the council, who have confirmed it is not their responsibility .

A spokesman for Thames Water said: “Severe flood warnings in our region mean we are working under emergency conditions. We are having to prioritise our customers who have sewer flooding inside their homes or vulnerable organisations such as hospitals, schools and care homes. We’ll investigate this as soon as we can.”