STRATTON’S firefighters were getting stuck in with the flood relief effort yesterday after Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service put out a plea for help.

The team, who are specialised in water rescue, were called out to support the effort to stem the water in Maidenhead following the recent floods.

Dave Geddes, group manager from Swindon who went with the crew, said: “The team were excited to be able to use their skills but keen to use their skills to help the public and their colleagues in Berkshire.

“They are trained to be able to wade into fast flowing water to rescue vulnerable people when necessary. Berkshire neighbours Wiltshire and we all try to help each other where we can. There have also been crews from Cheshire down to help too.”

Although initially only called out by Berkshire for the day, the team may well be called back to support in the next few weeks.

Dave said: “They have been sandbagging in Maidenhead and we were sent back to support in Wiltshire, but there is a chance we will be called out again.”

Floods have been making residents’ lives in Wiltshire and around the country a misery after severe rain and storms continue to batter the country for weeks, with more to come.

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