PEWSEY slider Shelley Rudman is the pride of the village despite a slightly disappointing result at the Sochi Olympics.

Dozens of supporters packed into The Coopers Arms in Ball Road to cheer the 32-year-old on including parents Josie and Jack and six-year-old daughter Ella.

Everyone in the pub donned Team GB T-Shirts to show their support for Shelley and her compatriot Lizzie Yarnold.

Mrs Josie Rudman said: “I'm pleased that she got down safely, that's the main thing really.

“She has done her best and that's all anyone can ask, it's fantastic that she has made it to the Olympics.

“It’s fantastic that so many people came to cheer her on, Pewsey has always been so supportive of Shelley.

“I won’t know what the future holds for Shelley until she gets home which will be sometime after the closing ceremony.”

There were some disappointed gasps during Shelley’s last run but everyone clapped as she crossed the finish line.

Colin Harris, a member of the Pewsey Has Beens who has supported Shelley since she was 16, said: "It's not what she wanted but she's still world champion, she's still a silver medalist, I don't know what she's going to do now but whatever she does now she's had a fantastic career.

“We raised £4,000 for her so she could get out to Turin and she repaid us by bringing back the silver medal.

"She's a Pewsey girl and we'll always support her as you can tell from the turnout here today."

Fans were also cheering Shelley on at The Moonrakers in Pewsey.

Landlord Jerry Kunkler said: “Just to be at the Olympics is a fantastic achievement. She’s still world champion and she was a silver medalist in 2006 and I don’t know anyone else in the area who’s achieved anything like that.”