Two anniversaries were marked when about 300 cadets and dignitaries marched through Marlborough.

This year it was the turn of Marlborough’s 2293 Squadron to host the Wiltshire Air Training Corps (ATC) annual Wing Parade.

It marked the 73rd anniversary of ATC and also the 2293 Squadron’s diamond jubilee.

The town hosted representatives from the 18 Squadrons from across Wiltshire who marched from George Lane car park, along the High Street, to St Mary’s Church led by the Swindon Squadron band.

In the High Street a salute was taken by Wing Commander Vanessa Toth, Officer Commanding Dorset Wilts Wing, together with the Mayor of Marlborough, Guy Loosmoore.

The mayor was accompanied by his wife Fiona, councillor Noel Barrett-Morton and his ceremonial officers.

Wiltshire Air Training Corps spokesman Flight Lieutenant Roger Starling said: “This is the biggest event that our cadets take part in all year alongside Remembrance Sunday but this is the biggest that just involves the cadets and it’s a great chance for them to show off what the can do and show everybody how talented they are.

“Everyone was a bit worried with the bad weather that the whole thing was going to have to be called off and everyone was a bit down hearted but just as it was due to set off the rain stopped and the sun shone.”

After the parade had made its way from the car park, round St Peter’s Church, through the High Street and to St Mary’s there was a special service for the cadets followed by a reception in the town hall.