THE life of Colin Radbourne, one of Swindon’s finest musicians, will be celebrated by family and friends at his funeral tomorrow.

Colin, 49, who died earlier this month, was well-known in the local music scene and beyond as a singer-songwriter and guitarist.

As a member of Playhouse, Bad Cats and latterly Moon Medicine he entertained countless people at gigs across the town and the country.

He will also be remembered as a beloved father, son, brother, uncle and friend.

One of his sisters, Sarah, said: “He always thought about others – he would be there for anybody.

“Colin loved his family but his friends were also very, very important to him.”

Another sister, Tara, said: “He loved helping and supporting people, and being there for them.”

Colin was born in London but had lived in Swindon since the age of two, when he moved here with his mum and dad, Maureen and Jack. The couple are retired, although Jack still does some work as a landscape gardener.

The family settled in West Swindon, and Colin was the eldest of five children. His siblings are Tina, Tara, Sarah and Mark.

Colin’s dad is a musician and his sons inherited his enthusiasm for the guitar.

Tara said: “My earliest memory is when we lived in our other house and him playing. We were under 10, I’d say.”

Sarah added: “Dad, Mark and Colin would be jamming in the kitchen and us girls would be moaning from the living room when we were trying to watch TV.

“His biggest passion in life was his music.”

In addition to being a professional musician, Colin worked as a Swindon Viewpoint cameraman.

Always fascinated by the moon and stars, he had been studying for an Open University degree in physics and astronomy.

Colin died at the home he shared with his student son, Jack, 22, who discovered his body. The two were devoted to each other and Colin was very proud of his son.

His funeral will be held at Kingsdown Crematorium, and the music will be taken from Moon Medicine’s album, Stones.


This Is Wiltshire:

Colin recently donated an acoustic guitar to be turned into a work of art by a friend, above, but it has now become a tribute to him.

The decorations include lyrics from one of his songs, which his loved ones say reflect his kindness and love of humanity: “You buy a piece of land, How deep does it go? Through the centre of the earth? I don’t think so...”