LITTLE Jamie Greenwood, who has shown great resilience in his short life, will meet his favourite TV character when he visits Peppa Pig World this weekend, thanks to the Adver.

The eight-year-old, who is autistic, was granted his Christmas Wish last winter after being nominated by his step-mum Kyla Dean of Abbey Meads.

Jamie, his father Mark, sister Megan, Kyla and her three-year-old daughter Matilda Harrison, as well as two other family members, will go to the amusement park in Hampshire on Saturday.

They will spend the night at a hotel before returning to Peppa Pig World on Sunday for a second day of fun.

The Chalet School pupil can only speak a few words and uses a picture exchange communication system.

He also has low muscle tone, is asthmatic and suffers from Marcus Gunn Jaw Winking syndrome, which causes his eyelid to jerk upwards.

Most recently he was told he needed hearing aids in both ears.

But despite everything he has been through, Jamie has remained a happy child with many hobbies, including a fascination for Peppa Pig.

Mark, 42, said: “He gets on with it. He realises now that he might be different. He does try to communicate but he gets frustrated sometimes. He can only say a few words.

“But generally he is laid back and plods along. He is quite placid.

“He does deserve this and his sister Megan deserves it as well. She is nine but she has grown up fast. She takes on the role of looking after him sometimes. They are very close.

“He won’t know it’s happening until he gets there. He will be excited when he gets to the gates and thinks ‘yes, that’s what we are doing today’.

“Jamie and Kyla’s daughter Matilda are fascinated by Peppa. They watch it on the telly all the time. You can wave your hand in front of them and they barely move.”

Housebuilder Persimmon donated £500 towards the trip, which paid for a night’s bed and breakfast at a hotel near Southampton, and entry for two days to Peppa Pig World.