GREAT grandfather Jim Howard marked his 100th birthday with two parties.

Mr Howard, who lives in Chilton Foliat with daughter Lynn Long and her husband, David, turned 100 last Friday.

Celebrations started with a surprise party at Coombe End Court, where he attends the day centre.

Di Palmer, of the centre, said: “He was kissing all the ladies and making the most of it.”

Then, on Saturday, relatives, friends, Coombe End and Hungerford Surgery staff came to his tea party.

Mrs Long said: “He’s never been much of a drinker– he likes a scotch and lemonade – but he has copious cups of tea.

“In 2005, he had a stroke and he was unable to eat and had to be fed through a tube. Then one morning he woke up and said to my stepmum, ‘I think I fancy scrambled egg.’ She didn’t want to give it him, but he was determined and he’s been eating ever since.”

Originally from Mort-lake, London, Mr Howard was in the RAF during the war and was a postman for 30 years. He married first wife Joyce in 1947, but she died in 1981. Three years later he married Ivy and they lived in Farnbor-ough until last July.

He has two granddaughters and five great-grandchildren, aged three to 14.