Calne-based builder Clemency Bedford is looking for companies to help families affected by flooding in the Somerset Levels by providing free labour.

Ms Bedford, who runs Bedford Building Maintenance, plans to take a group of tradesmen and professionals out to Somerset once the water levels go down.

She is meeting with B&Q this week to ask for supplies and has already collected offers of help from 50 tradesmen after setting up a Facebook page.

Some parts of the Somerset Levels have been flooded for months, many homes and businesses have been affected and many people have had to be evacuated.

Ms Bedford, 43, is co-ordinating the volunteer effort with Katie-Jayne Adams, from LJ Harding Home and Garden Services in Corsham.

They have been in contact with volunteers from Flooding on the Levels Action Group and intend to take a coach load of builders when the weather clears.

Ms Bedford said: “We have already had a families contact us via our Facebook page.

“These people will need help when the water goes down. We also had volunteers come on board in the first two or three days.

Call 07767480314 or type #DIYSOSFLAG in the Facebook search bar.