MALMESBURY were all set to play their first game in six weeks this weekend until the Hellenic League officials ruined their plans.

Having not taken to the field since January 11, mainly due to their Flying Monk pitch being underwater, Malmesbury bosses had agreed to switch tomorrow’s scheduled home clash with Purton to the Red House side’s home.

Despite both teams agreeing to the switch the league have now turned down the plan, forcing the game to be postponed and Vics boss Gareth Davies both perplexed and frustrated.

“It was all agreed between the two clubs and it was a done deal but then it was vetoed by the league which is frustrating,” he said.

“We just want to play a game and I don’t really understand why (the plan was rejected) because we were being proactive and doing all we could to try and play.

“It’s just a big fat no. To be fair if it rains much more it wouldn’t be on anyway even if it is switch but we will never know now.

“We’re trying to get round a problem and this really isn’t helping.”

Having viewed his side’s pitch in recent days and consulted the club’s groundsman, Davies isn’t expecting to be able to play a game on home soil until at least the middle of March.

“The pitch really isn’t playable at all, although we can see grass again which is a bit of a bonus,” he said.

“We could do with a decent frost to be honest to help get rid of the water and, having spoken to the groundsman, he reckons we are looking at three or maybe four weeks before we can play on it again.

“It’s all very frustrating for us to be honest because all we want to do is be able to play a game of football.”