THE WORK of and standard of care delivered by social entreprise SEQOL’s community nurses in Swindon has been overwhelmingly praised by patients.

Of the 130 patients polled between September and December 2013, 97 per cent described the nursing team as sympathetic, reliable and professional, and confirmed they would recommend them to their friends and family.

The 35 to 40-strong team visits around 100 housebound patients each day, catering to all their medical needs from dressing wounds, administering medication or stabilising their particular condition.

The survey’s outcome since September was a testament to the quality of healthcare provided by staff and their commitment to each individiual patient, according to community sister Ester Williams-Delhoum.

“We offer a variety of services for people in their own home who cannot go to their GP surgery or use other services and assess what they need,” she said.

“The feedback is very rewarding and it is a testament to what nurses do when they go out to patients. Nurses’ level of compassion for patients is also excellent.”

On one day each month nursing teams within SEQOL collect data for the national Patient Safety Thermometer survey, designed to monitor care. In September, they opted each time to also hand out SEQOL satisfaction questionnaires to patients asking for feedback.