HREOD Burna Urban Forest is happy that the postponed tree planting event has been rescheduled for this Saturday, March 1.

All are welcome to come and help plant 1,000 small trees and are asked to bring spades and stout boots or wellies. The project will take place on 15 acres of land to be planted over three years and this Saturday's planting, from 10am onwards, is only part of the scheme.

Anyone interested could be shown around the site, which can be accessed via Pinehurst Road.

Steve Thompson, HBUF chariman, said: “We have a wonderful array of wildlife in our woods, from deer, foxes and badgers to lots of birds including egrets, buzzards, the occasional red kite.

“We are planting an orchard with a mixture of fruit trees and are hope to have a wildflower meadow.

“Although we are planting treeless areas, other areas, that are too thick with trees, we are carefully thinning so as we can encourage understory plants and allow remaining trees to grow healthily.

“We are also developing 40 allotment plots.”