A TEENAGER who took part in a violent robbery outside a supermarket has been remanded in custody by a judge.

Aaron Hudnott was part of a group of youngsters who carried out the attack on the shopper at the Orbital Shopping Centre.

The 19-year-old admitted he robbed the man as he was loading his car having been in the Asda store.

Hudnott, of Mason Road, Abbey Meads, pleaded guilty to a charge of robbery when he appeared at Swindon Crown Court.

The teenager admitted taking a coffee table, mobile phone and car keys during the attack on the evening of July 29 last year.

But he still may face a trial after he pleaded guilty on a basis, which prosecutors say they may not accept as they believe he could be minimising what he has done.

If they do reject what he says then a judge may have to hear evidence from witnesses in the case and rule on what happened before passing sentence.

Recorder James Watson QC adjourned the case to Friday March 21 and remanded him in custody until then.

Police were called to the car park at the side of the supermarket at about 10.30pm to reports of approximately 11 youths assaulting a 48-year old-man.

The shopper was making his way to his car when he was first approached by a single teenager.

The youth punched him before he was then set upon by other members of the group who violently assaulted him, leaving him needing hospital treatment for his injuries.

He suffered a broken nose, a broken tooth, and swelling around his head, was kept in overnight at the Great Western Hospital and has required extensive dental work A 25-year-old man who witnessed the assault, rushed over to help, but was then assaulted and threatened by other members of the group.

Asda increased their security in and around the store and the local neighbourhood in the aftermath of the incident and police increased high visibility patrols in the area.