A PLACE where people can get copies of bus timetables for services in Devizes has now been found, to the relief of transport group Devizes Passengers.

The timetables used to be in a booklet stocked in eight outlets across the town, but due to cuts Wiltshire Council changed the way it provided bus timetables and the onus was put on volunteer groups to order replacement timetables.

The change came in late last year, but now Wiltshire Council has agreed to stock the timetables in its offices in Snuff Street.

Jasper Selwyn, chairman of Devizes Passengers, is pleased the timetables are now easily available again in Devizes.

He said: “When we did a survey last November, about the town bus service, many people commented on how hard it was to get information about bus services.

“I’m glad that it is now possible for people to get timetables again. I am very grateful to all those who stocked the timetable leaflets, which were very popular.”