WHEN youngsters at Chirton Primary School wrote to the Duke aned Duchess of Cambridge as part of class exercise the last thing they expected was a reply.

But they were thrilled when Kate and William wrote back to say how impressed they were with their letters trying to persuade them to enrol Prince George their as a pupil.

Eleven children, aged from seven to 11, tooik part in the topic on persuasive writing.

Their letters extolled the benefits of the school, which two years ago was under threat of closure due to falling numbers when it had just 19 pupils. Each pupil received a personal reply to their letter, plus a photo of William, Kate and Prince George.

One pupil, Sam, wrote: “Chirton is a smart school which will make your son a learning expert. If you are searching for a fantastic learning environment then Chirton could be the ideal school for you.”

In reply to Sam, Claudia Spens, on behalf of the Duke and Duchess, wrote from Kensington Palace: “Their Royal Highnesses were impressed by your persuasive comments. You certainly made a wonderful case for Chirton Primary being ideal for Prince George.”

Sam said: “I was astonished to get a letter as I didn’t think we would get anything back.

“I feel proud of my writing because I worked hard on it. Prince George would love it at Chirton because everyone is friends with everyone.”

Miss Spens also wrote to Chirton’s associate headteacher, Amy Bekker-Wrench: “Their Royal Highnesses were extremely impressed by the quality of the children’s letters, which were certainly very persuasive.”

Mrs Bekker-Wrench said the school has a large field so Prince George would be able to arrive by helicopter.

Since Chirton was federated with All Cannings Primary last year numbers have increased and soon there will be 30 pupils.