Author Angela James wowed children with her magical fantasy adventure books and a creative writing workshop at Malmesbury library last week.

The writer, from the Broad Hinton area, is most noted for The Theft of the Black Diamond and The Golden Moonbeam.

She entertained youngsters aged seven to 11 on Tuesday, giving them tasks to help create their own tales.

Carolyn Kennedy, the community librarian for the area, said: “She was very inspiring for the children. It helps them understand how to write stories themselves.

“She gave them the beginning to a story and an end. They had to write the middle. She also gave them a mythical creature to work with.

“When you do writing skills with the children, there’s a lovely silence where they are concentrating.

“They were talking between themselves as well, and sharing ideas, so it was a lovely, busy atmosphere.”

For information on Angela James and her books, see or on Facebook under Angela James Children’s Author.