Marlborough police have been carrying out spot checks on two very different types of driver in the town this week.

On Monday officers working with Revenue and Customs officers stopped vehicles to check they were not using illegal fuel.

The officers set up check points in London Road, Marlborough and stopped a total of 51 cars and vans but none were found to be using illegal red diesel or other fuel.

But Sgt Barry Reed was still pleased with the operation.

He said: “We have had a number of fuel thefts in the area in the past months and this sends out a warning to people that we will be doing spot checks.”

On Tuesday officers turned their attention to parents taking and collecting children to schools in the Marlborough area.

They issued three fines – two for bad parking and one for a person not wearing a seat belt.

Sgt Reed said: “We are trying to work with schools and parents to improve road safety.

“It is not about wielding a big stick but about educating people.”

He said the two fines for parking were issued to cars parked near St John’s School but he could be not sure if they were owned by parents who were taking children to the school.

The fine for not wearing a seat belt was issued to someone in High Street, Marlborough and not connected with the school visits.