Great great grandmother Florence Ward had special reason to celebrate when five generations of her family were united at her daughter’s home in Marlborough.

Mrs Ward, 93, of The Priory, was delighted to have the latest addition to the family in her arms and to be surrounded by her daughter, grandaughter and great grandaughter.

They were all united when the baby Junior Mark Stockley, five months, who lives in Horley, Surrey, with him mum Samantha Sarsby, 20, and dad Ray Stockley, came to Marlbrough for a family visit.

Samantha’s grandmother Carol Elliott, 68, and her former jockey husband Bob hosted the family get-together at their home in Leaf Close. Also present was Samantha’s mum Sharon Elliott, 44.

Carol Elliott said: “My mother was so delighted to see her great great grandchild.

“We don’t get to see the baby very often as they live in Surrey so it was very special for all of us.”

Mr and Mrs Elliott suffered a tragedy in 1987 when their son Mark, who was following in his father’s footsteps as a jockey, died in a road accident while working in Canada.

Mrs Elliott said: “It was a long time ago but I still think about him every day so it is special for us and for his sister Sharon, who was very badly affected by his death, to have this new baby in the family.”

The baby has been given Mark as a middle name as a reminder of the great uncle he will never know.