CUSTOMERS at a garage in Dorcan were given the opportunity to see the latest sports car from Jaguar yesterday.

The new F-Type Coupe, which is due to be released in March, is currently touring the country and spent the afternoon on display in Swindon.

A number of customers were given a special look at the car and, despite the £70,000 price tag, several of them put in orders.

“The response we have had from everyone has been really positive so far and no one has had a bad word to say about it,” said Tom Nuttall, the general manager.

“We have just had one customer phone us back and ask to buy it in exactly the model as we have today.

“Everyone here is so excited about it and we are really pleased to be able to show it off. “It is a British designed and British built car and shows what a great company Jaguar is.”

It is the first sports car the company has produced since the E-Type and has been released with much fanfare, with Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho at the official launch.

Tom said: “We have had a lot of interest from people in Swindon and there is certainly demand. “I think this is good for Swindon and a sign things are improving in the market. ”