A CHARITY is asking people to think about giving up something for Lent and donating the money they save to those in need. The Swindon Foodbank is launching its ‘Give Up a Little Something for Lent’ campaign which it is hoped will raise money to help keep the project running.

Organisers want the townspeople to give something up for Lent, be it sweets or crisps, and then give the Foodbank the money they would have saved at the end of the month.

David Hartridge, project manager, said: “The idea behind it is a simple one. During the period of Lent it’s an opportunity for people to give something up.

“Some people give up something for health reasons and that is great but the thinking behind this is that any money which is saved can be given to the people in Swindon who really need it. For example, if someone gives up a part of their lunch and can save a few pounds each day this can be up to £70 which makes a huge difference to us.”

The aim of this campaign is not to fill up the warehouse but to provide vital funds so the Foodbank can keep on running.

“We are actually in a lucky position in that the warehouse is quite well stocked at this point in time so from that perspective we are okay,” said David.

“What we always need though is cash. We need the money to buy the fuel for our vans and pay our overheads. This is why we would really like it if people could donate using money at the end of the month.

“A lot of people are giving something up at this time of year anyway so it would be great if we could use the money which was saved as it makes such a difference.”

While Christmas and winter is often seen as the busy period for the charity, David is keen to emphasise that demand for their services remains high all year around.

Although there have been a few quiet periods for the Swindon Foodbank recently, usage is continuing to grow each year.

David said: “We are seeing on average a 20 per cent increase in demand year on year. We certainly don’t just provide a festive service but are needed all year around.

“If people can just give us something then it would be very helpful.”

For more information on how to take part in the campaign visit www.swindonfoodbank.co.uk.