Box explorer David Hempleman-Adams is no stranger to awards but his latest for his work in the Polar regions is better than a knighthood, he says.

Mr Hempleman-Adams, 57, was at Buckingham Palace to be presented with a Polar Medal by Prince William on Tuesday along with his three daughters.

He said: “It was very special and of all the things I’ve ever had this is the one for me.

“The Polar Medal is given by your peer group and the committee is a huge secret. They are extremely rare.

“If I could choose a knighthood or the Polar Medal I’d choose this.

“It makes all the absences worthwhile and I dedicate it to my wife Claire.

“It might be time to slow down because trying to keep up with my daughters is hard work – they are beginning to overtake me.”

Alicia, 24, flew to the North Pole, aged eight. Camilla, 21, was the youngest person to ski to the North Pole aged 15 and Amelia, 18, became the youngest person to ski to the South Pole aged 16.