Children from Chippenham delved into their heritage with a mini archaeological dig at the museum over half term.

It was part of a week activities based on the canal, including making model narrow boats, tying knotted key rings and painting canalware.

They were organised by the museum and the Wilts & Berks Canal Trust to commemorate 100 years since the abandonment of the canal.

More than 120 children and 75 adults attended the event.

Val Melville, a volunteer with the Wilts & Berks Canal Trust, said: “Everyone went away very enthusiastic about what they had made.

“On Thursday, ‘Alice Ashe’, an historic resident of Chippenham, visited the museum and enthralled children with her opinions on the canal people. She was not very complimentary about their behaviour, and had even had to move away from the Market Place because of the unsavoury nature of the canal wharf.”

The workshops were funded by a grant of £7,900 awarded under the Heritage Lottery Fund’s Sharing Heritage programme.

Museum curator Melissa Barnett said: ““I was so pleased to see the museum buzzing with happy children showing off their crafts.”