Landlord Nicola Moody was so taken by the story of 10-year-old Luca Railton and his bid for surgery to save his legs that she pledged to help.

Mrs Moody, who helps run The Three Cups, at the Triangle, Malmes-bury, organised a fundraising karaoke night, on Saturday, after reading about Luca in the Gazette in January.

The Railton family, who live just outside of Malmesbury, need £135,000 in order for 10-year-old Luca to travel to Florida this month for operations that will save his legs from being amputated.

Luca was born with bilateral tibial hemimelia, meaning that he has no bone in his right knee, no right tibia and only a partial left tibia.

Mrs Moody said: “We have got a two-year-old who was born two months early; he has had many operations, but nothing on the scale of Luca.”

Punters helped to raise £500 towards the Help Luca Walk campaign.