Trowbridge children’s charity Stepping Stones has formed a new fundraising committee as they look to build on the success of the Give Us a Chance appeal for years to come.

Last month Stepping Stones, which serves west Wiltshire children with learning difficulties and disabilities, lost £10,000 of funding from Wiltshire Council, after central government withdrew its Aiming High For Disabled Children grants.

This left them needing to raise a total of £50,000 a year and prompted the Times to launch a campaign to make up some of the shortfall.

The campaign has been hugely successful and seen £7,255 donated in just a month. As well as donations, the centre, in Broadcloth Lane has been inundated by the public wanting to hold fundraisers throughout this year. In response, Stepping Stones has set up a committee to help with the organising and planning of the events.

Nicky Gallop, fundraising committee chairman, said: “Stepping Stones look after my son Charlie and I wanted to get involved with the fundraising committee as a thank you. The group will be a great opportunity for us to support the generous people who have offered to do things in aid of Stepping Stones.”

One of the big fundraisers the group is working on is a family fun day which will take place at the grounds of Longmeadow Primary School on July 5. During the event there will be an auction of memorabilia, and the group would welcome donations.

Sarah Cottle, Stepping Stones’ fundraising co-ordinator and the new group’s secretary, said: “We’ve got a signed One Direction DVD already and we would be very grateful for any other donations of signed football or rugby shirts.

“It is great having this new group and I hope it is something that will carry on as Stepping Stones needs to raise a large amount of money each year.”

Mrs Cottle said there has been a great atmosphere at the centre following last week’s donation of £5,000 from Bradford on Avon Community Healthcare towards the campaign.

She said: “Every donation we receive makes us realise just how valued Stepping Stones is, but when you get such large amounts it feels very special and I’d like to thank everyone who has continued to support us.”

Stepping Stones now has wristbands for sale, which cost £2, with the proceeds going to the campaign.

To find out about fundraising for the charity, call 01225 350004 or email barbara@