Devizes Opportunity Centre manager Betty Newman and her staff have been crying tears of joy this week, as donations and messages of support have flooded into our appeal.

The Give Us A Chance campaign has now gone over the £7,000 mark, in part due to a donation of £2,000 from a Marlborough businessman who wants to be anonymous.

Mrs Newman said: “We have all found it just overwhelming. We have had so many donations and the little messages that have come in the post and our Facebook page are just incredible.

“It means a huge amount to hear how we have made a difference to people’s children and to whole families.

“Some of the donations have come from families whose children are now grown up, so it is lovely to know they are still thinking about us.

“We have all been in tears. When I came back from half-term, I thought it a bit odd that some of the staff stayed in my office as I looked at the donation forms.

“When I came to the one for £2,000 from Marlborough I was totally lost for words. They had seen it, but wanted to keep it as a surprise.”

The donor said: “I am very glad our bit of money can make such a difference to them. We are glad to help.”

The appeal aims to raise £10,000 to make up for a cut in Wiltshire Council’s grant, caused by the Government stopping Aiming High For Disabled Children payments.

But the centre has to raise more than £50,000 in 2014/15 to top up its council grant and continue its services.

Mrs Newman said: “Having to worry about money all the time is a constant headache. I want to thank everyone who is helping us by making a donation.”

You can donate to the Give us a chance appeal through at