IT WAS less a case of Tesco staff letting their hair down yesterday and more a case of getting their hair off.

The theme for a fundraising day at the Ocotal Way store in aid of Diabetes UK, the supermarket giant’s chosen charity, was a series of waxings and headshaves of managers and workers.

They managed to raise £237 over the course of the day with more money coming in later on and the total expected to rise.

Overall the store has raised more than £14,500 for the charity in the nearly two years they have backed them.

Michelle Hobbs, 42, organised the event and said customers and staff alike got stuck in with the fun.

“The customers loved it and were paying money to have a go at the waxing,” the store’s community champion said.

“People were putting tenners in and we had people volunteering to get their heads shaved.

“One man had his pony tail cut off after 15 years, which must have been a challenge for him.

“The event was also about raising awareness of diabetes because it can affect people in such serious ways and many people do not even know that they have it.

“We offer free testing in our pharmacies and people can talk to us if they are worried about any symptoms.”

Tesco will also be holding a charity car boot sale in the car park on April 20 from 6am to 2pm and all proceeds will be going to Diabetes UK.