Lead has been taken from the roof of a school in the Marlborough area causing substantial damage.

The theft was reported to the police on Friday, February 28, when staff noticed that rain had come through the roof after a heavy downpour causing damage to the ceiling and wooden floor.

The value of the lead was about £100 and repairs to the school building could cost thousands of pounds.

Thieves also attempted to take lead from the roof of another school in the area last weekend.

The flashing was taken from the roof but abandoned when offenders realised that the material was synthetic lead and had no resale value.

PC David Tippetts said: "The first of these offences has caused significant water damage and prevented the school from using a large section of the building so has impacted on students as well as the financial loss.

“There is now stricter legislation covering the sale of scrap metal which should make it much harder for criminals to dispose of stolen material."

Anyone with any information should contact 101 or Crimestoppers.