COVINGHAM Parish Council is trying to solve a mysterious case of a missing dog poo bin after it went missing earlier this month.

Both the bin and the post it was attached to disappeared shortly after a local resident contacted Swindon Council, complaining about the bin’s rusty hinges.

Soon after, the parish groundsmen noticed that the bin, which had been placed in Covingham Park, had disappeared and the space it had occupied covered over with grass.

During a meeting of the parish council, clerk Gemma Cheal said: “I contacted Swindon Council and so far they have found nothing to suggest it was them who have taken the dog bin away.

“There was no need to take the whole bin away, it was only the hinges that were rusted and they are far cheaper to replace than a whole bin.

“If it wasn’t Swindon Council, whoever did it did a very good job, it hasn’t been yanked off and it was covered up with grass.”

Swindon Council and Covingham Parish Council are continuing to investigate the issue. If it is found that the bin was not removed by Swindon Council, the parish council will report the incident as a theft to the police.

Covingham parish council has ordered a replacement dog poo bin.