Aviation buffs enjoyed a treat at the last meeting of the Mid Wilts Video Society when Paul Moran, ably assisted by projectionist John Sykes, gave a presentation which he called Flying Aircraft Carriers.

Any ideas that this might relate to the Ark Royal and kindred vessels were quickly dispelled by photographs and film of airships and heavier than air combos, finishing with Chuck Yeager, the Space Shuttle and a Russian me-too.

Paul will be returning on April 28 with a story of local aviation interest, The B36 and Lacock.

Meanwhile, Philip Fowler, a former glider pilot, holds the fort with glimpses of the astonishing Britten-Norman Trislander before its withdrawal from the Alderney route, and a surprisingly scary Disney Helium Balloon night-time ascent, on Monday, also passing on tips from a recent video IAC masterclass which he attended.

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