Parents and pupils face a day of disruption later this month as one of the leading teachers’ unions has called a national strike.

The National Union of Teachers are in dispute with the Government over pay and conditions.

As a result, schools across the county are preparing for the action, which will take place on March 26.

Teachers are not obliged to tell their employers if they are on strike until the day, while teachers in other unions have been told not to provide cover.

Union leaders are in talks with the Government so the strike may be called off but say they are tired of what they allege is a ‘campaign’ against their profession.

Nina Franklin, the NUT South West regional officer, said: “We are taking action because of the Government’s continuing onslaught on our pay and conditions.

“It is action being taken reluctantly as always and there are talks taking place.

“This is not just about us but the education for everyone’s children. We know that 60 per cent of teachers leave the profession within the first five years.”